What to wear with your shoes?

Get the secrets behind the perfect ECCO Sculptured 65 looks, as Christian Schleisner, the stylist for the Sculptured 65 "Smile" campaign, shares his favourite tips and suggestions for making the most of the shoe...


    Wear the outfit with the ECCO Barra bag

    The ECCO Sculptured 65 adjustable-strap sandal in bright rose

    Make it pop!

    Go white on white with the dusty rose-colored sandal, as here with tight jeans and a silky blouse to play to the white sole and make the color of the shoe really pop out.


    The ECCO Sculptured 65 light brown pump

    ECCO Bolivar

    Simple and luxurious

    Dress in a one-tone ensemble to match the shoe, and the effect will be simple and exclusive, with a focus on texture like with this free flowing silk jumpsuit. Classy but carefree...


    The ECCO Sculptured 65 classic loafer, light brown with white heel

    ECCO Are

    Light and muted colorways for elegance


    Match dusty or muted pastels and lightweight fabrics for that sun-faded, easy summer elegance, the look of long Nordic summer afternoons that goes perfectly with the white heeled ECCO Sculptured 65.


    The ECCO Sculptured 65 golden open-toed sandal

    ECCO Belmar

    Short and tight for summer


    "The combination with the short, tight dress and the high heel is the perfect look for the modern woman", says Christian. Short and tight graphic print dresses is a strong statement of confidence this summer.